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Bergery, Benjamin : Reflections Storaro, ASC. In: American Cinematographer , 70,8, pp. View Quote. Block, Bruce A. In: American Cinematographer , 64,4, pp. In: American Cinematographer , 60,8, pp. View Gallery Page. Timeline of Historical Film Colors. Christine N.

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Two illustrations show the composition of Eastmancolor film stock. Credit: Photomicrography by Silvana Konermann.

View Gallery Page Show Hide details. Eastman Color chromogenic monopack. Source: Craig, G. The Last Emperor Images. Selected Analyses: Bergery, Benjamin : Reflections Credit: Academy Film Archive. The Sheltering Sky 16 Images. Photographs of the chromogenic safety print by Barbara Flueckiger. Photographs of the chromogenic Panavision safety print by Barbara Flueckiger. Das Boot 37 Images. Selected Analyses: Block, Bruce A. I Want You 73 Images. Jaws 39 Images. Alien 42 Images.

Credits: Academy Film Archive.

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Althea awakens in Gorchakov's apartment to discover that she consented to marry him while drunk, and is now hitched. Panicking, she rejects him and tries to escape. Enraged, he strips and whips her until she breaks free and brains him with an alarm clock. Slipping out, she seeks Kirwan and Barr, who agree to spirit her out of Novorecife with Castanhoso's help and take her with them to Zesh. The three take flight by buggy down the Pichide River to the coastal fishing village of Qadr, whence they cross by ferry to the Free City of Majbur. Emerging with his lungs full of water, the sailor is revived by Althea via artificial respiration.

He is perplexed by her benevolence. Later he brings her a note, asking that she not read it until after she and her companions are landed on Zesh.

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  • But by this time the ship has sailed, and they are stranded. The trio is greeted by a welcoming party from the utopian colony of Elysion, including its leader, Diogo Kuroki, who calls himself Zeus.

    Happy New Year in Virgin River

    The colonists, a group of Roussellian naturalists, have all taken new names from Classical myth, legend or history. Kuroki redubs Kirwan, who has come to join the colony, Orpheus. He reprimands Kuroki for having withheld the intelligence. The invasion fleet is sighted, and she is recruited to set a trap for the enemy.

    At Yuruzh's direction, she swims out to the flagship pretending to have escaped the chief and claiming that he is on Zesh with just a few followers. Sofkar, the Dasht of Darya, has her bound to the mast with orders that she be killed if her story proves false, and takes his ships into the harbor. After the battle the people of Elysion, having overthrown Kuroki, deliver him to Yuruzh to assuage his displeasure with the colony. At this point a merchant ship appears and lands two unwelcome interlopers: Bishop Raman and Afanasi Gorchakov. The latter claims Althea; she appeals to Raman but he declines to defend her on the grounds that she is married to the security chief and has compromised her reputation by running off with Kirwan and Barr, as well as by going around naked which is common behavior in this tropical climate.

    Gorchakov abducts her at gunpoint, killing Kirwan when he tries to intervene. Barr has already fled. Abandoning Raman, Gorchakov forces Althea aboard his ship, the Ta'zu , and puts out to sea. In his cabin he prepares to torture and murder her for abandoning him, but is interrupted by a thrown knife and then Yuruzh, who swings in through the porthole.

    Reciprocal Formations

    The Terran and Krishnan fight, struggling for the knife. Yuruzh prevails and kills Gorchakov. Yuruzh explains to Althea that he had followed the Ta'zu and quietly taken the ship. After sounding her out on her current plans and prospects, he proposes marriage, stating he has admired her since first laying eyes on her. The rationale behind the treatment spoofs pseudo-scientific ideas current in the s, particularly those of L. Ron Hubbard. As a Krishnan and a hybrid between the advanced tailless and the primitive tailed races, Yuruzh might have gone either way, but in the event gained super-intelligence.

    Feigning that the treatment wore off, he was permitted to return to Krishna, where he has been uplifting his tailed compatriots by giving them the same treatment. He asks Althea to be his wife, and partner in his civilizing mission. Althea, after some thought, accepts both of Yuruzh's offers, and the two proceed out to the captive ship's captain to be married.

    Though they cannot have children, there is every indication that they will have a happy and harmonious life. The planet Krishna is de Camp's premier creation in the Sword and Planet genre, representing both a tribute to the Barsoom novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs and an attempt to "get it right", reconstructing the concept logically, without what he regarded as Burroughs' biological and technological absurdities.

    De Camp intended the stories as "pure entertainment in the form of light, humorous, swashbuckling, interplanetary adventure-romances - a sort of sophisticated Burroughs-type story, more carefully thought out than their prototypes. Internal evidence in The Bones of Zora confirms the relative sequence of the stories. Yuruzh may have been the unnamed tailed Krishnan resident at an Earthly scientific institute in de Camp's earlier Viagens story " The Colorful Character ".