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the distance east or west of the Greenwich meridian (=an imaginary line from the top of the Earth to the bottom), measured in degrees and minutes. one of the imaginary lines that goes around the Earth from the North Pole to the South Pole. one of the two imaginary lines around the.
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This imaginary circle goes around the middle of the earth for 24, miles.

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An imaginary line where the date changes one day when passed. It is one day earlier east of the line than it is on the west.

Imaginary lines that run north and south on a map from pole to pole. Meridians express degrees of longitude , or how far a place is away from the prime meridian. The prime meridian runs through Greenwich, England.

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Longitude is used together with latitude to form a grid on which it is possible to locate any place on the earth. Imaginary lines that run east and west on a map. Parallels represent degrees of latitude , or how far a place is away from the equator. One degree of latitude equals about 69 miles. A parallel line of latitude that is a quarter of the way from the equator to the North Pole.

During the summer solstice, the sun is directly overhead. This line of latitude is a quarter of the way from the equator to the South Pole.

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Each degree of latitude is about 69 miles km apart. Unlike latitude lines, longitude lines are not parallel. Meridians meet at the poles and are widest apart at the equator. By combining longitude and latitude measurements, any location on earth can be determined.

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Like a circle, the Earth has degrees. Each degree is divided into 60 minutes, which in turn is divided into 60 seconds.

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Latitude and longitude coordinates also include cardinal directions: north or south of the equator for latitude, and east or west of the prime meridian for longitude. Latitude is always listed first. A less common format for listing coordinates is in decimal degrees.

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It is believed that the continents have spread out due to plate tectonics. The Sun is directly overhead the equator at noon on the two equinoxes March and Sept.

The equator divides the globe into the Northern and Southern hemispheres. The equator appears halfway between the North and South poles, at the widest circumference of the globe.

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It is 24, The prime meridian runs through the Royal Greenwich Observatory in Greenwich, England the location was established in by international agreement. The prime meridian divides the globe into the Western and Eastern hemispheres. The Earth's time zones are measured from the prime meridian. Table of Contents. Cover Download Save. Frontmatter Download Save. Contents p. Acknowledgments pp. Introduction pp. Notes pp. Bibliography pp. Index pp.