Manual Interpretation Andreas Gryphius Abend (German Edition)

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Noch will was Ewig ist kein einig Mensch betrachten! Look where you will, you see only vanity on earth. Now Fortune smiles on us, but soon hardships will threaten The fame of great deeds must be like a fleeting dream.

Andreas Gryphius (1616-1664): A Modern Voice

Why should the plaything of time, the frivolous human, endure? What is all this that we regard as precious But worthless nothingness, than shadows, dust and wind, But a wild flower that cannot be found again. That which is eternal yet no human wills to see! German Literature. The author had addressed many of these issues in his long political pamphlet of the preceding December, Rede vom Verlust, where he deplored right-wing resurgence and argued with considerable emotion, and constant references to the past, that change was necessary if the new Germany was to survive.

Most of the arguments here were not new, but had featured in many of Grass's writings, speeches and interviews since His condemnation of government policy was harsh and unrelenting, and his rejection of reunification emphatic. Yet this was, of course, hardly surprising: Grass's view of his own land had long been pessimistic, and indeed, ever since his first collection of poems , there have been few aspects of life in Germany which he has not questioned or condemned.

Further, he has sometimes worked out such political or moral issues in both prose and verse, images in the latter often preceding those which later emerge in his fiction. In the case of Novemberland, it is a prose work that has preceded, and knowledge of it assists interpretation of the extended metaphors on which Grass, as usual, depends.

Rice Varieties in Archaic East Asia: Reduction of Its Diversity from Past to Present Times.

Moreover, as in much of his poetry, Grass relies on an intellectual reader who is well informed on contemporary and historical matters to appreciate the irony and the monitory force of his allusions.