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All things are by his grace because all things are for his glory. The all-sufficient, inexhaustible Giver gets the glory.
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Sustained by Grace

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An amazingly honest account of a mother's recovery from the loss of an infant in a tragic accident hot car death. Apr 17, Jeannette rated it really liked it.

How can we be sure of this triumph of grace? It is one question to ask: Why has Bethlehem endured for years? But an even more urgent question is: How can we be sure that grace will triumph for Bethlehem and in our own lives in the future?

Saved and Sustained by Covenantal Grace

How can you be sure that grace will sustain you to the end in the faith and holiness that brings you safe to heaven? That is, sustaining grace is omnipotent grace. It is grace that overcomes all obstacles and preserves the faith and holiness that brings us home to heaven. This is our only sure confidence for the future.

You and I, in ourselves, are utterly fickle and unreliable. If we were left to our own powers to persevere, we would make shipwreck of our faith, it is sure. This is why the saints have prayed for centuries,. Is that the way saints should pray? Is that a biblical way to pray? Make your goodness like a fetter — a chain — that binds my wandering heart to you. Seal my heart with an unbreakable bond for the courts of heaven. In other words: Keep me! Preserve me!

Defeat every rising rebellion! Overcome every niggling doubt! Deliver from every destructive temptation! Nullify every fatal allurement!

Expose every demonic deception! Tear down every arrogant argument! Shape me! Incline me! Hold me! Master me!

Sustained by Grace

Do whatever you must do to keep me trusting you and fearing you till Jesus comes or calls. May we — should we — pray and sing like that? The answer from this text is yes. That kind of singing and praying is rooted in the new covenant promise of sovereign, sustaining grace. Keep in mind: this is one of several Old Testament promises of the new covenant that Jesus said he sealed with his own blood for all who are in him.

It is not just for Jews, but for those who are true Jews by virtue of union with Jesus, the seed of Abraham Galatians , Jeremiah —41 says,. The Lord helped me to see the perspective that even though she was right about some of the things she was concerned about or angry towards, she could have expressed herself in a more mature, gracious way, but she obviously never seemed to even be aware of these problems that she was continuing to nurture and build up within herself.

I had to learn more about what anger was and how to deal with forgiveness towards someone who had hurt or abused me. I learned that forgiveness was for my benefit and that it would ultimately help me heal from all the hurt I had experienced as a child.

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It would also help me to move forward in a better, healthier way in my life, especially in how I interacted with people around me. I also learned that it did not mean I had to expect that person to ask for forgiveness from me, nor did I have to let them know that I forgave them. It was all on my end. I had to see and understand that the Lord had forgiven me and then I had to turn around and be willing to forgive those who hurt me. I also learned that the sooner I would work through those problems that eventually I would also learn how to reach out and help others in a healthy way without it triggering all those horrible anger issues I had been dealing with.

It was amazing how over the years I became transformed in my understanding and my actions in that I did not continue to over-react towards people like that anymore. There are a lot of verses throughout the Bible that refer to anger and how it can so adversely affect our lives. Unfortunately, there are so many negative consequences in dealing with anger. Moses was an example of someone who was truly upset with those Israelites who were constantly complaining about leaving Egypt.

In Numbers , it talks about how Moses finally let his anger control him by striking this rock, not once but twice — when God had just told him to speak to the rock to bring about fresh water. As a result of his negative behavior, he was penalized by God and not allowed to bring the Israelites into the Promised Land. Anger can truly cause a lot of bad reactions to others and to our own lives.

Jesus handled anger in a healthy way. In Mark , He was upset because His disciples did not want these little children to come around and bother them or Jesus. Jesus had a right to be upset at His disciples, but He DID handle it in a kind and gracious way —which is exactly how He wants us to handle these difficult things in our lives and with people around us who upset us.

Another thing about unresolved anger issues is that if people do not work on these things in their own individual lives, then every relationship they are in, whether it be with friends, family members, co-workers, the person they are dating or their spouse, will become severely damaged or ultimately destroyed.

It does not matter whether you are younger, older, male, female, married or single — all these unresolved anger problems will continue to mess up the connective relationship you have with others in your life. It is essential that each person is willing to work on their own problems, to see this perspective and to ultimately trust that the Lord will help heal these things.

Even if you have personally dealt with your own anger issues, you may be in a relationship with or married to someone who has NOT dealt with their anger problems or they may not even be aware that this is even going on inside their heart. So how does one handle that situation? It is so important to deal with conflict in a better way. First, you must be willing to pray for that person who may still be going through a hard time dealing with these things and also be willing to forgive them if they continue to be angry and argue with you so often.

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Sometimes that person may be struggling with something else that has made them mad. They may have had a bad situation at work or they may have experienced some physical health issues which upset them, and you may have no knowledge at all about any of this. Then they will often over react to you in a negative way when you communicate with them about other things. You can take it personally and wonder what you did to make them mad at you. Now you can choose to respond to them in a negative way. Sometimes that kind of reaction to will continue to build up over a period of time within your heart and soul, and eventually, you may just blurt out a lot of terrible comments to that person in a mean-spirited violent way.

It is typically normal to feel sad and hurt and even sometimes mad that this person has mistreated you like that, but if you really care about them and your relationship and you know that they really care about you, then you should both be willing to graciously discuss these problems with each other and not in a bad way.